Lake Monster Brewing is excited to announce the release of its newest limited-edition seasonal: Brut IPA.

Brut IPA is a newer variant of American IPA that got its start on the west coast but has quickly spread around the country. Drawing its name “brut” from the extra-dry style of champagne, the style is a pale, crisp and hop-focused IPA.

As this is a newer style it is still evolving, but one constant is the super-dry finish on the beer, achieved by fermenting virtually all of the available sugar out of the beer. The dry finish removes the need for firm bitterness and allows the flavor of the hops to shine through.

Lake Monster Brut IPA is available now in cans and on draft. Here are the specs:

·      45 IBU  6.4% ABV

·      Yeast: Ale

·      Malt: 2-Row, Vienna

·      Hops: Rakau, Ella, Motu, Citra, Amarillo

·      Crisp IPA brewed to finish extra dry, with a boat load of Tropical New Zealand Hops


Lake Monster Brew Team