Welcome to Lake Monster Brewing.
Sink into the depths… if you dare.


At Lake Monster Brewing we aim to make unique versions of classic beer styles, putting our own subtle twist on the flavors craft beer drinkers have come to love. Ranging from esoteric to approachable, subtle to over-the-top, our beers adhere to the philosophy that there is always more to be discovered.


Four New Brews

We’ve released four new brews with the opening of the tap room. They are all available on tap as well as in growlers.

  • Buddy Check Session IPA
  • Last Fathom Dark Lager
  • Murmur Milk Stout
  • Untethered Sour Brown

Also, look for Murmur and Untethered in bars and restaurants starting in late December!


Tap Room Hours

Monday – Thursday:   4:00 – 10:00 pm
Friday – Saturday:      Noon – Midnight
Sunday:                    Noon – 10:00 pm

Calhoun Claw Pilsener

Inspired by the classic lagers of Bohemia, our Pilsener has a crisp body balanced by a quick snap of refreshing bitterness. Brewed with a blend of Czech and American hops, this beer is full of flavor but still easy drinking.


Empty Rowboat IPA

Brewed for the hop-head in all of us, our India Pale Ale is made with the finest American malts and a unique blend of classic and new American hops. It has a firm bitterness, intense citrus-hop aroma, and enough flavor to knock you overboard.




Why “Lake Monster”? From Loch Ness to Lake Pepin, lake-dwelling cryptids have fascinated explorers and passers-by for centuries. While skeptics might consider the existence of Lake Monsters to be exaggerations, misinterpretations or even fabrications, others believe in a world of mysteries yet to be solved and depths yet to be explored. These intrepid souls think it is worth the effort to venture beneath the surface in search of something unknown and extraordinary. We feel the same way about beer.


Jeremy Maynor
Everyone knows the stresses of the corporate world can drive people to drink, but apparently it can also drive them to brew. Jeremy uses his skills with spreadsheets and flow charts to make sure Lake Monster stays on the right track.


Matt Lange
Matt L is in charge of brewing operations at Lake Monster. He is an award-winning homebrewer and worked as an Assistant Brewer at the Ale Asylum brewery in Madison, WI. He has also written about beer and brewing for publications such as Zymurgy and Beer Connoisseur.


Matt Zanetti
After decades of breathing in drywall, Matt Z decided go back to the family business: Making booze. His father, a former vineyard manager, suggested that beer would be a better fit for Minnesota’s climate, and the seeds of Lake Monster Brewing were planted.