Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have food?

We almost always have a food truck outside, and are totally on board with the bring-your-own-food thing.

Do you fill non-Lake-Monster growlers?

Oh ya, fer sher, if they're clean, ya know.

Do you allow dogs inside?


Do you allow dogs on your patio?

Oh ya, you betcha!

Feelz on children?

We love kids! We have a super neat-o kid corner with toys, books, and a teeny-tiny table. We especially appreciate caregivers who keep a close eye on the little ones and prevent collisions with people carrying beer.

How do I prove myself as a legit Lake Monster fan?

• Bring your glasses back to the bar
• Ask before you re-arrange tables, put them back after you re-arrange them
• Be charming and tell us our hair looks good

Do you have table service?

lolz, no.

How many taps ya got?


I can haz WIFI?

Cha. There's no password-- wait for a login page to pop up.

If you were stranded on an island surrounded by aquatic monsters, what beer would you bring with you?

Be serious, nobody has ever asked that. The pilsner, though.