On tap now at the taproom, the seventh in our series of Single Malt and Single Hop (SMASH) beers. This series aims to explore beer flavor by isolating individual ingredients to bring out the full flavor of individual malt and hop varieties. This version features Fawcett & Son's Pearl Malt and Cashmere hops.

Fawcett & Son's have been making malt in Castleford, West Yorkshire, England since the late 1780’s, and this pale-ale style malt is made from Pearl barley, grown in the UK and known for it's full-bodied, bready flavor profile.

Cashmere is a newer hop variety from a hop breeding program at Washington State University as a cross between the classic US varieties Cascade and Northern Brewer. Cashmere is very pungent hop with a complex combination of tropical and herbal flavors, with notes of pear, melon, lemongrass and even a hint of coconut.

Here are the specs for Monster SMASH 7.0:

ABV 5.0
45 IBU
Single Malt/Single Hop ale made with Pearl malt and Cashmere hops
House Ale Yeast